J-QUANT® Nitrate


Product ID: 176.5C

Brand: Johnson Test Paper UK

0 – 10 – 25 – 50 – 100 – 250 – 500 mg/L NO₃⁻ 100 strips/pk

  • The J-QUANT® Nitrate 500 tests are used for determining the amount of nitrate in drinking water, process water and wastewater, as well as aquarium water
  • Levels commonly go above limits in these industries
  • Regular testing of nitrate levels in food is important e.g. potatoes and in preservatives as high levels can affect the quality and consumer health
  • This test is suitable for the dairy industry
  • Nitrate is derived from the decomposition of animals and plants.
  • Routine use of fertilisers on farms can result in high levels of nitrate that ends up in food. Farmers therefore test to the nitrogen content in agricultural run off to estimate how much fertiliser is required.
  • High concentrations of nitrates may also be found in industrial effluent. The limit for the EU is 50 mg/l that can be carefully monitored with our J-QUANT® Nitrate 500 Test Strips
  • Nitrate is more frequently measured than ammonium in ponds and aquariums to maintain the quality of water
  • J-QUANT® Nitrate 500 ensures a rapid and safe way to check nitrate levels

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