Protein Test Strip


Product ID: PRO-1V-50
Brand: Precision Europe Ltd-UK

The Protein test strip detects residual Protein in water in increments of 0.3, 1.0, 3.0, 10.0 plus g/L. If used to test protein in urine, the color may be more green than blue. If testing urine samples, consider using the Urine Analysis Test Strip. The Protein test strip is based on so-called “protein error of indicators”. This phenomenon relates to the fact that certain pH indicators will change the color at a different pH value in the presence of protein then in the absence of protein. The test is more sensitive to albumin than to globulins, mucoproteins, hemoglobin and Bence-Jones protein. The Protein test strip is strictly for use in education and training students in all levels of medical and clinical-biochemical educational programs. It is not for use in the medical field.

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