Ashless Filter Papers Ø90mm

Product ID:  352090
Brand: Johnson Test Paper -UK

These standard Ashless grades are very pure filters suitable for routine quantitative gravimetric techniques and in the preparation of samples for use in analysis involving instrumental techniques. Johnson Test Papers offers a complete range of Ashless Quantitative Cellulose Filter Papers with a choice of pore size, filtration speeds, and filter thickness’s. They are available in different filter sizes from small circle formats to large sheets. We can also make custom sized filters to meet your specific needs.

Grade: 352

Whatman Equivalent: = No.40

Speed: Medium Filtering

Thickness (mm): 0.15

Pore Size (μM): 3-5

Weight (g/m²): 84

Filtration Speed (sec*):  50

Burst Strength (kg/cm²): < 0.20