Wet-strengthened Qualitative Filter Papers Ø90mm


Product ID:  322090
Brand: Johnson Test Paper -UK

Wet-strengthened filter papers are manufactured from a majority of alpha-cellulose. The smooth surface allow a fibre free filtration. They feature a high wet strength and can also be used in the filtration of strong alkaline or acid solutions. Due to their high mechanical strength , they are suited to applications where the residue is removed from the filter, for example with a spatula or jet of water.

Grade 322- Fast Filtration

Application: Economical filter paper used in schools and as bench protective paper

Whatman Equivalent: = No.93

Speed: Fast Filtration

Thickness (mm): 0.15

Pore Size (μM): 10-20

Weight (g/m²): 64

Filtration Speed (sec*):  50

Burst Strength (kg/cm²): 1.45

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