OrbiCult™ Ambient Shaker – CO2 Resistant

Brand: Esco Lifesciences  – Indonesia

An orbital shaker is ideal for a variety of general-purpose shaking applications in cell culture, bacterial growth and suspension, staining, and washing procedures. This type has a circular shaking motion with low to high speed with less vibrations, ideal for culturing microbes.

Esco OrbiCult™ Ambient Shaker – CO2 Resistant offers versatile models and outstanding features such as: unique triple-eccentric counterbalance drive and brushless DC motor for long term-reliability. Also, OrbiCult™ shakers are known for its flexibility, user-friendly control system, and safety features which provides user comfort and reliable results.

  • Cell Culture
  • Bacterial Suspension
  • Solubility Testing
  • Microbial Culture
  • Extraction Procedures
  • Washing Procedures
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Hybridization
  • General Mixing
  • Staining and Destaining
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