Lab Combination +2°C to +15°C for the refrigerator and –10°C to –24°C for the freezer

Product ID: HC6
Brand: Esco Lifesciences –Indonesia

Poor storage conditions can decrease potency and compromise the quality of your valued samples. Temperature inside your storage equipment should be maintained at an optimal point to avoid unnecessary warming-up and minimize the risk of products being put to waste.

Esco HP Series lab combination refrigerator and freezer is designed for laboratory use offering superior product protection with long-term reliability and exceptional product quality. When superior levels of cold storage performance is needed, the Esco HP series laboratory refrigerator and freezer combo is the best choice. The temperature ranges from +2°C to +15°C for the refrigerator and –10°C to –24°C for the freezer.

Laboratory combination refrigerator and freezer are for storage and preservation of non-volatile products such as:

Biological Samples
Culture Media
Pure Cultures

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