MA2T Series

Industrial Motion TiMOTION’s MA2T series electric linear actuator was specifically designed for applications that face harsh working environments and require heavy-duty and durability. Example applications suitable for the MA2T: Agricultural equipment such as seed spreader, harvesters, grain handlers, combines, tractors…etc. Commercial and industrial applications include commercial lawn mowers, scrubbers and sweepers, material handling equipment, and livestock ventilation systems. Furthermore, the MA2T is a T-Smart (note 1) version actuator that can work with the PGMA (note 2) to achieve the following functionality: – Set up the actuator’s stroke and speed – Multiple signal feedbacks support – Monitor real-time actuator status – Up to 8 actuator synchronization – Built-in safety mechanism – Customized service for BUS required applications (note 3) Note 1: TiMOTION develops T-Smart functionality. With T-Smart, the actuator has a built-in circuit board with a microprocessor that can operate the actuator without a control box. Note 2: PGMA is a software program developed by TiMOTION. Users can install this programmer into the laptop and adjust the actuator parameters directly. Note 3: Please contact your local sales department for further assistance.

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