MS7-H550-Pro LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer With 7 Inch Ceramic Plate


Product ID: 8030122111

Brand: Dlab -China

  • LCD displays actual temperature & speed
  • Built-in PID controller ensures safe heating of the medium with overheating protection
  • Maximum heating plate temperature up to 550℃
  • Glass ceramic work plate is resistant to corrosion and is easy to clean
  • External temperature control is possible by connecting temperature sensor(PT1000) with an accuracy of ±0. 2℃
  • Digital speed control with maximum range of 1500rpm
  • Outstanding brushless DC motor offers more stirring power
  • Two knobs enable easy adjustment of speed and temperature
  • “HOT” warning flashes when work plate temperature is above 50℃ even when hotplate is turned off
  • Remote function provides PC control and data transmission

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